Frequently Asked Questions for Baby View

When is the best time to come in?

GENDER DETERMINATION is possible starting at 15 weeks, and your baby is small enough to fit entirely in one photo. Your baby will become CHUBBIER with time, and pictures will capture portions of the baby (just the face or hands or feet). Babies between 28 to 34 weeks are chubby, but have enough room to move into a good position for the photos. It is during these months that baby starts seeing, recognizing voices, starts moving to music and even get hiccups!

How can I prepare for my scan?

Mommies remember to have lots of water everyday.

ACTIVE BABIES usually like to show off for their sessions. Pay attention to your baby's movements beore the scan; if you notice a food or drink that causes the baby to move, we recommend you bring it with you to your scan. Some women have told us that cold water, lemonade or orange juice works for them, but we recommend that you consult with your doctor to ensure that the food or drink is safe for you and your baby.

You are more then welcome to bring in your own CD of music that will play during your scan.

Learn more with a consultation! Call for more details, or visit our packages and prices page.

What can I expect when I arrive?

You will receive an email and phone reminder the day before your appointment.

Our staff will greet you when you arrive to help you with paperwork and payment. You will be asked the contact information for your OB-Gyn or doctor, as well as your baby's last name.

You and your guests will enjoy your scan in the privacy of our ultrasound lounge. All photos and recordings will be given to you at the end of the scan. The entire visit, including paperwork, should take no more than one hour.

Can I bring my friends?

We welcome you to share your scan with your friends and family; if you are bringing small children, we ask that they are properly supervised. Our lounge comfortably seats 7-9 adults; if you would like to invite more guests, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What if I'm late?

Please call us if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late. Unless we are notified, clients later than 15 minutes will be charged a $5 late fee. Clients later than 20 minutes may be rescheduled, but we will give you first priority on any appointments available later in the day.

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Are you certified?

Every certified technologist on our staff has obtained degrees from reputable local ultrasound imaging schools. In addition, every technologist is required to have over six years of professional experience in obstetric ultrasounds.

What if I don't get good photos?

Some babies are camera shy or sleepy during their first scan, and might need a second session to pose. If your baby is shy during gender determination, you are welcome to return free of charge any Thursday from 10AM - 6PM; rescans any other day are discounted to $40.

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